Tournament Info:
    JULY 21-22, 2017
    Use #CarteretSMT to tell your friends:
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     All events will be at The BoatHouse
     at Front Street Village in Beaufort, NC

             Friday-July 21, 2017
     9-12pm - Register at CCCF Boatyard
     12pm - Online Registration Ends

     5-7pm - Register at The BoatHouse
- Captains' Social
     Captains' Social Dinner Caterer: Fat Fella's BBQ & Grille                                            

          Saturday-July 22, 2017
     6am-3pm - One Day Fishing
     12-3pm - Weigh-In sponsored by:
     3:30pm - Awards Program
Awards Program Lunch Caterer: Chick-fil-A of Morehead City

*There will be a drawing to win ONE FREE ENTRY to next year's Fishing Tournament at the end of the Awards Program.  You must be
present to win, so stick around!

                                    Return Entry Forms to:
                                                                                                           BRING TO:   
                                                                                      “Send Your Boat to College” office.
                                                                          (3807 Arendell St. MHC-across from El’s Drive In).

                                                                                                          MAIL TO:
                                                                                             CCC Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                  3505 Arendell St.                
                                                                                         Morehead City, NC 28557

                                                                 To pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover):
Anglers will receive a plaque or trophy.
Spanish Mackerel Overall BOAT (top 5 places)
Spanish Mackerel Kids (top 5 places)-age 0-9
Spanish Mackerel Juniors (top 5 places)-age 10-17
Spanish Mackerel Lady (top 3 places)
Spanish Mackerel Master (top 3 places)-age 60 and older

Spanish Mackerel Natural Bait Five Fish Aggregate

Bluefish BOAT(top 3 places)
Spanish Mackerel Artificial Lure Overall BOAT (top 5 places)
Spanish Mackerel Artificial Lure Kids (top 5 places) - age 0-9
Spanish Mackerel Artificial Lure Juniors (top 5 places) - age 10-17
Spanish Mackerel Artificial Lure Five Fish Aggregate
Spanish Mackerel TWT (top 3 places)
Dolphin BOAT(top 3 places)
King Mackerel BOAT(top 3 places)
Flounder BOAT (top 3 places)

                                            Pay Out for 2016
                                             Spanish Mackerel/Bluefish            SM - Artificial Lure                     SM - TWT

                                                                              Based on 100 Boats                                  Based on 50 Boats                                  Based on 50 Boats

                                          King Mackerel                       Dolphin                           Flounder

                                                                         Based on 50 Boats                                      Based on 50 Boats                                 Based on 50 Boats
2017 Rules and Info
1. Fish must be caught and entered on tournament day. Fish must be caught by angler weighing fish.
2. All fish must be weighed or in line to be weighed at the Boathouse at Front Street Beaufort, NC (2361 Lennoxville Rd.) Taylor’s Creek before 3pm.
3.Scales are open from 12:00pm-3:00pm Saturday July 22, 2017. All anglers must be in line at check in table.
4. Spanish Mackerel 12” FL minimum, King Mackerel 24” FL minimum, Flounder 15” FL minimum.
5. In the event more than one fish of the same weight are brought in, the fish weighed first is the winner.
6. Fish can be caught by boat, pier or beach. Fish can be transported by land.
7. Awards are based on weigh of fish, not the length. No alterations (weighs, hooks, ice, etc).
8. Fish subject to Tory meter test and/or Tournament Committee.
9.  All decisions made by the Tournament Committee are binding.
10. All fish must be caught by hook and line. Must be caught by rod and reel to qualify for NC Saltwater citations.
11. Fish brought to weigh-in must NOT be mutilated, cut, etc. Gaff holes are acceptable. Mutilated is defined as any   
   damage which may impair the fish’s fighting ability.
12. All hooks must be removed from fish before weigh-in.
13  All times are subject to the Weigh Station official time.
14. It is encouraged and the captains’ obligation to follow all U.S.C.G. , State and Federal Regulations.
15. Boats may be replaced at any time, notify Tournament Committee before arriving at weigh-in.
16. No entries will be accepted after 7:00pm-Friday, July 21, 2017.
17. Boats congregating or passing fish from boat to boat during competition time maybe disqualified.
18. Any boat violating tournament rules will be disqualified for the entire event.
19. One member of each boat must accompany fish to scales to be weighed in.
20. Boats will be allowed to tie-up, to unload fish and to attend awards party (space for 35 boats).  First come basis.
    Overflow docking is available on the piers to the west of boat ramp.
21. All boats should be tuned to VHF channel 74 all day for instructions and updates.
22.  Junior angler is 10-17.  Kid angler age is 0-9. Mature angler is defined as age 60
     and up. Participants must accompany fish to scale.  Ages of anglers on the fishing day.
23. Lady anglers must accompany fish to scale.
24. No check-out required. No lines in the water before 6:00am Saturday, July 22, 2017.
25. All sponsors and committee members are eligible to participate in the event.
26. One Spanish Mackerel and One Bluefish per person can be weighed, limit of 6 anglers per boat. In addition, One Spanish Mackerel caught with an
   Artificial Lure can be weighed per person for the SM Artificial Lure category.  
   One Dolphin, One King Mackerel, One Flounder per boat.  Boat must be entered in species category.
27. Angler must specify Spanish Mackerel caught with Artificial Lure at weigh-in.
28. All fish will be returned to the angler after weight is recorded.
29. Small King Mackerel and big Spanish Mackerel are similar, know the difference.
30. Fish that meet citation requirements will need to be taken to a certified weigh station after weigh is recorded. NCWRC
    plans to have a weigh table for citations and samples at weigh-in (not required).
31. One event T-shirt included with each boat entry.  No shirts will be mailed.
32. Only one Spanish Mackerel primary prize PER BOAT in each of the following categories:
   Top 5 Overall, TWT & Artificial Lure.
33. Bad weather date is Sunday, July 23, 2017. Determined by Tournament Committee.
34. All fish must be fit for human consumption (Committee and NCWRC decide).
35. Cash prizes over $600.00 are required to complete an IRS W-9.
36. Rules not covered will be decided by Tournament Committee.
37. Participation constitutes a waiver of liability to Carteret Community College Foundation, Inc., committees, sponsors and related parties. Participation    
    releases tournament committee to use all names, pictures, etc for advertising purposes.
38. Entry fees are tax deductable as law allows.
39. Once officially registered, all entry fees  are non refundable, except if tournament is cancelled or rescheduled.
40.  Prizes not claimed at awards party can be picked up at CCCF Boatyard within 30 days. No prizes will be mailed.
41. Have Fun—Be Safe!!!
1st Lady
1st Master
1st Fly Rod
1st Blue
1st Kid
1st Junior
This year's winning t-shirt
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